Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Arch

The Arch;

There are three main shapes of arch, low, medium and high.

The dancer with the low arch may be unable to achieve a satisfactory arch and could have trouble standing on point and even demi point. The dancer with the high arch invariably has weak ankles and without proper tuition may unable to support thenselves properly as they may simply not be pulling up. Using a stiff outer sole will not help.

Exercise to build up strength in the arch will help and wearing the Hullachan will allow better control. If you have no arch wearing the Hullachan will not give you one but if you have any kind of arch shape, the Hullachan will show what you have unlike other brands.

The dancer with the high arch will usually have weak ankles and that will cause her to twist or not get full strength while on half or full toe. This is a problem while learning until the teacher has taught her how to build up her strength and help her to develop the thigh muscles instead of just calf and ankles.

Using a shoe with a flat arch could cause the shoe to slip around the foot. Please note that only Hullachan makes a true arched shoe which actually fits into the arch of the foot. Our unique design will work with all arch shapes. However, our design is being copied by some unscrupulous makers who try to pass of fake Hullachans but none of these makers understand how we create the special shape that defines and supports your arch. Fake Hullachans do not have the Hullachan label on the shoe.

The arch is a very important part of your foot. Do not tie your laces tight around your arch, as it will cause damage to your arch. I designed a new way to tie your laces to stop pressure on the arch and the Achilles tendon, so please try to use that method.

Damage on the top of the foot caused by lacing is also serious as it is a tender area. Muscle, blood vessels and tendon damage can occur here.
Massage this area after every class to release the tension. Concentrate on your muscles in the foot and relax them. This will also require you to relax the leg muscles as well incidentally.

Hullachan Jig shoes have flexible Suede Soles. All Jig shoes have our special memory flex arch with gives correct arch support to reduce arch injury

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